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Thanks for landing here.  If you’re like our clients, you are responsible and good at what you do or have done in school, at work or taking care of others. You “hear” from others that you should be “doing this or that” with your finances or that you should “talk to someone” to make sure you’re doing the “important” things and avoiding a big mistake.

You may have visited financial websites or listened to financial news and found it hard to know where to start or how to choose what to read or listen to. It’s a noisy environment and sometimes it sounds like a whole different language. We can help.

Why VEO Financial?

Financial life can be complicated. Most Americans struggle to make sense of the financial landscape. You may know a fair amount and still wonder, “Who has time or wants to spend time sifting through issues and choices and reading about tax regulations, investment theory and how to crunch the numbers for all these decisions?” We can help.

Service Focus

Personal Financial Planning – Helping clients make good financial decisions and establish good money practices and habits is the core of our work. Whether you choose to start with a slice of financial planning to establish and move toward one or two important goals first, or want to carefully assess your retirement outlook and investment portfolio, there are service options designed for you.

Next Step

Check out the services page and see what fits, then contact us.

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